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7 in. 6 fan speeds Metal Drum Fan in Black with Remote Control

7 in. 6 fan speeds Metal Drum Fan in Black with Remote Control

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This fan has 6 speeds, and the lowest speed is very quiet. Even the lightest sleeper should be able to handle it. The fan swings horizontally like most fans, but this fan also swings vertically. You can turn on and off oscillation in either direction, but when both are turned on, you will get 80 ¡ã oscillation.

6 speeds: The vertical fan has 6 adjustable wind speeds to meet the needs of different wind speeds. The fan head can swing left and right to avoid single side air supply. The operation is simple and convenient
Low noise operation: the drum jet fan can move the indoor air, convection and generate breeze, maintain the indoor air, circulate, and the wind is soft, comfortable, quiet and stable
Remote control: The desk fan also includes a remote control, which can be operated remotely. The buttons are represented by icons, and the operation is clear at a glance
Innovative technology: the impeller improves the power, accelerates the indoor air circulation, convection the indoor air, and achieves the effect of balancing the temperature with a reasonable airflow direction
Low energy consumption: the drum jet fan is equipped with a 30 watt high-performance motor. After the air conditioner is turned off, the fan will balance the temperature, maintain the cooling time, and reduce energy consumption and cost
Multifunctional battery remote control
The bracket design provides multiple cooling options
Great for bedrooms, living rooms and offices
Excellent quality, design and function, amazing silence
Easy to assemble
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